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Canterbury Award -

Christmass Charity Shoot

1st Place Katie Smith & Ray Lindahl
2nd Place Darlene Rainey & Rob Long
Joint 3rd JoAnne DiGeorgia & Ernest Parsons
Joint 3rd Lamont French & Chris Cyr

Valentines Shoot

1st Place Meghan Orr & Nory Partosa
2nd Place Tracy MacDonald & Vaughn Leigh
3rd Place Debbie Nordbruget & Scott Day
4th Place Marlyn Butler & Ed Butler Sr.

Master Challenge Cup

1st Place The Family
2nd Place Is It In
3rd Place The Closers
4th Place Hell Razors

Captain/Exec Shoot

1st Place Chris Cyr & J.R. MacDonald – Closers
2nd Place Susan MacDormand & Len Legare – Hell Razors
Joint 3rd Rob Long & Ed Butler Sr. – The Family
Joint 3rd K.J. Reynolds & Dante Bonifacio – Island Batteries
Top Teams
Most Improved/Valuable Players per Team
1st XXXTremes Rob Graham (MVP) Island Batteries Laurie West (MIP) Island Batteries
2nd The Family Nick Saulner (MIP)Closers Carmen Johnston (MIP) Pierced Triples
3rd Closers Bea Leblanc, Rick Laker, Blair McKinnon, Jeannie Casperson (MIP) Shafts & Tips Karen Witty, Ben Wold (MVP) Shafts & Tips
Colleen Anderson (MVP) Spearchuckers James Lachmund (MIP) Spearchuckers
Top High Average Men Jo-Jo Partosa (MIP) Wreckers
1st Rob Graham 95.24%
2nd Ray Lindahl 92.31%
3rd Malcom Barker 88.89%
Top High Average Women Most Hospitable Venue
1st Tina Schaefer 83.33% Tally Ho
2nd Barb Csinos 64.71% Most Sportsmanlike Teams
3rd Meghan Orr 59.09% Shafts & Tips
Top Teams
Most Improved/Valuable Players per Team
1st TNT Chris Lammie (MIP) Blackfish Tony Steele (MVP) Blackfish
2nd Is It In? Mike Vedonia (MVP) Brewbryds
3rd Blackfish Chris Shaughnessy (MIP) Da'Bulls Nick Wams (MIP) Hell Razors
Ed & Johanna Emerick, Chris Crawley, Nick Wams, Steve Cunniham, Len Legare, Mark Webber, Susan McDormand, Carol Robins (MVP) Hell Razors Meadow Gwilt (MIP) Is It In
Top High Average Men Zandra Olney (MVP) Bullies Lois Marsh (MIP) Bullies
1st Rory Hansen 92.31% Olivia Bult (MIP) Sticks & Feathers Chris Smyth (MIP) TNT
2nd Mark Alexcee 89.29%
3rd Jeffrey March 88.46%
Top High Average Women Most Hospitable Venue
1st Doreen Ranville 80.77% James Bay Inn
2nd Maureen Ranville 61.54% Most Sportsmanlike Teams
3rd Debbie Nordbruget 60.00% Sticks & Feathers
Top Teams
Most Improved/Valuable Players per Team
1st Flights Up Jon Blinn (MIP) Board Stiff Brian Cooper (MVP) Board Stiff
2nd Conspiracy Mia Hillman (MIP) Conspiracy Steve Anderson (MVP) Conspiracy
3rd DUI Jeff Forseth (MIP) DUI Duncan Watts (MVP) DUI
Al Thomson (MIP) Flights Up Justin Hill (MVP) Flights Up
Top High Average Men Fed Predon (MIP) Predators Holger Witte, Neil Laur, Ron Hartshorne, Faye Andrade, Linda Tugwood, Danielle Graham, Fed Predon, Justin Sanderson, Darrin Tufford (MVP) Predators
1st Angus Ek 100.00% Shelly Shirk (MIP) The Mob Joe Chiasson (MVP) The Mob
2nd Dallas Standlund 94.74%
3rd Justin Hill 92.00%
Top High Average Women Most Hospitable Venue
1st Katie Smith 68.18% James Bay Inn
2nd Gail Zalazar 65.38% Most Sportsmanlike Teams
3rd Michele McPhee 52.63% Flights Up
Top Teams
Most Improved/Valuable Players per Team
1st Tubgirls Nick Halloway Just The Tip Andrew Martin Just The Tip
2nd Tally Up Bonnie Eisen Rock Bottom Erich Tworuschka Sr. & Jr., Dylan Tworuschka, Steve Bennet, Tyler McPherson Tally Up
3rd Just The Tip Kelly MaKenny Tubgirls
Top High Average Men
1st Brent Falkins 95.45%
2nd Conrad Newell 91.67%
3rd Kwai Lam 57.89%
Top High Average Women Most Hospitable Venue
Joint 1st Lori Martin & Janet Gillies 66.67% Britannia Legion
3rd Marles Bravender 57.89% Most Sportsmanlike Teams
Cherry Poppers