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Darts Etiquette

It is expected of each dart player to adhere to the following necessities to promote fair player:

each player is expected to shake hands at the beginning and end of each match - WIN OR LOSE.

All team players are expected to remain reasonably quiet, whether playing or not so as not to interfere with the concentration of the other players in the process of throwing.

Each player is expected to wait for an appropriate moment to voice any concerns pertaining to the game in progress, such as incorrect score, or substituting a marker, etc., so as not to disturb the player in the process of throwing.

Players are requested not to make comments or make any sudden movements which would interfere with the player in the process of throwing

No negative or intimidating remarks will be tolerated at any time.

Markers are expected to remain silent while marking a game , unless asked to call a score.

Markers should face the chalk board while marking and should not turn around so as not to distract the person throwing.

Markers should refrain from moving around or making any sudden movements such as leaning over to see if the dart "is in the double" before the player has finished throwing all three dart.

Markers should not offer any comments, favorable or unfavorable to any player in the game.

The score shall be kept in two columns left to right, the left one showing the amount scored and the right one showing the amount remaining.

The score remaining should always be written and show the total amount remaining (e.g., 2 not x1) 

Each team is expected to show respect and courtesy toward their opponents and treat them fairly.

Any unjust noise, comments, loud distracting noises, etc., constitutes a  form of cheating and the player shall be reprimanded.