Darts Exercise: How to Train to be Your Best

From the outside, the game of darts seems like an appealing, delightful, and less taxing type of sport. However, when you dig deep into the sport, you’ll be surprised to find how challenging and demanding this sport can get. In fact, most beginner players complain of being sore and tired after spending the whole day playing or practicing… Read More »

How to Remove a Broken Dart Stem

Whether you’re a professional, an intermediary, or a beginner darts player, experiencing broken shafts is one scenario you’ve probably encountered in your journey. In fact, this is one setback most people face from time to time leading to a lot of questions. One of the most sort after questions that have appeared in most forums amongst the darting… Read More »

How to Hold a Dart: The Basics of Proper Grip

Now, if you’ve played darts in a pub, or maybe you’ve watched professionals playing live over the TV, you’ll notice that every player has a different technique of holding the darts. You see, darts are very fine objects. Due to this reason, they can be held in a variety of different ways provided your hands feel comfortable. While… Read More »